Senior doctor asks junior to kill young TB patient, dies within hours after admitting

Agra: In a shocking incident reported from Agra’s prestigious hospital, SN Medical College, a doctor asked his junior, who was not ready to admit a TB patient who was almost on the verge of dying due to excessive bleeding stomach ulcer, that he should admit the man but make things so difficult for him that he himself leaves the hospital.
The doctor is heard asking his junior to “Kill the man, but just admit him. Make it so difficult for him that he himself leaves.”
The 18-year-old patient, Mukesh Prajapati, died after a few hours of his admission in the hospital, reports
When Mukesh’s father, Teekam Prajapati, took his son to the hospital at around 10 on Friday night, he called the head of the surgery department as there was nobody present to attend the patient. The Surgery Department head, Dr Shwetank Prasad talked to his colleague. After the call, the junior admitted Mukesh, but was declared dead after a few hours.
After Mukesh’s death, when his family heard the shocking news, they were absolutely taken aback by it. As the call was made via Mukesh’s father’s cell phone, the conversation was recorded, and thus the truth came out.
Report was filed by the family at MM Gate police station on Saturday night. However, Dr Prakash has denied all the allegations and has termed this an action to tamper his image.