Serpentine queues outside UP ATMs, most run cash-dry

Lucknow, Nov 11 (IANS) Despite assurances by the Union Finance Ministry and the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) of “sufficient currency notes”, most ATMs here and in some other parts of Uttar Pradesh went dry on Friday.

People standing in serpentine queues outside bank branches and ATM kiosks got rowdy at some places while at others they openly aired their disappointment.

Although the ATMs opened on Friday after a gap of two days, many remained cashless. Security guards at these ATMs faced a tough time explaining the situation to angry customers.

Most of these customers said they had urgent needs and emergencies requiring immediate money.

The RBI office in Gomtinagar here was flooded with people who had more questions to ask but no cash to take away.

Police presence was increased at important banks and ATMs following the huge public turnout.

Senior officials said they stepped up security at most places as they feared the crowd might turn unruly in case the people were unsuccesful in withdrawing money from banks.

Reports of minor spats between bank customers and security officials at ATMs came in from some parts of western UP.