Seven European industries raise voice for labeling scheme of 80 million boilers

Europe, June 6 (ANI): The European Parliament's Industry, Research and Energy committee (ITRE) is currently discussing the future of the Energy Performance Buildings Directives.
Currently, the main aim is to improve the energy performance of Europe's existing buildings to meet the European Union's climate and energy targets. In addition to these efforts, modernising the heating systems installed in the European Union's building stock will also be integral.
To ameliorate the existing performance, seven industry associations–AEBIOM, COGEN Europe, EGEC, EHI, EHPA, ESTIF and Hydrogen Europe have come together. They brace the idea of labelling the installed stock of 80 million boilers.
In their letter to the European Parliament on June 2, they wrote, "The implementation of the current EPBD has not resulted in an increased replacement rate of inefficient boilers, which have outlasted their intended technical life. This is a major problem, as 80 million of the 120 million space heaters installed in the EU's existing buildings are inefficient."
The labelling scheme will inform the consumers about the inefficient heating of the device and make them aware of better technologies available in the market. (ANI)