Sex education to teens essential for safety from paedophiles

Sex education to teens essential for safety from paedophiles

London, Jan 11: Sex education as an instrumental way of raising awareness has been discussed globally for a while, as the topic still remains a taboo in most regions. Easier internet access in the digital age has led to youngsters being exposed to pornography and interaction with new people online, making it even more crucial to raise awareness about sex at an early age.

Horrifying incidents of sexual predators tricking teenagers online with drastic consequences have been reported for some time now, and now a survey says that a large number of high school students want sex education classes that can also educate them about relationships and help protect themselves from paedophiles on the social media.

In a government survey conducted in the UK, a large number of 11-year-olds said that they didn’t receive any education on sex and relationships, and were clueless about sources to find any information. A lot of 15 year olds said they got bad knowledge on the subject and more said they would have better relationships if they knew more about the opposite sex.

While there has been a debate among schools, parents and authorities about sex education for children, this survey has a lot of students asking the government to ensure better SRE lessons to keep themselves safe as an overwhelming number of children are at risk of landing in trouble by sharing pictures online, making them vulnerable to perverts.