Sharbat Gula to come to India for Hepatits C treatment in Bengaluru

Kabul,Nov14:Sharbat Gula (44), known to many as the ‘Afghan Girl’ whose iconic photograph taken in 1984 became the face of war in strife-torn Afghanistan, may arrive in Bengaluru for treatment at a private hospital. She will reportedly be treated for Hepatitis C.

Ms. Gula was deported from Pakistan after she was arrested from her house in Peshawar with a forged Pakistani Computerised National Identity Card.

‘Thank you India’

Ambassador of Afghanistan to India Shaida Mohammad Abdali tweeted on Saturday that Sharbat Gula would be receiving free treatment in India.

“The Iconic Afghan Sharbat Gula will soon be in India for medical treatment free of cost — Thank you India for being a true friend!” Mr. Abdali said in a tweet. He also thanked the Narayana Health City in a tweet, saying, “Touched by NARAYANA, hospital in Bangalore, offering the Iconic Sharbatgal free of cost treatment and hospitality: “friend in need”.

The Afghanistan government said it was “deeply touched” by the offer from the Narayana Hospital to treat Ms Gula. “Sharbat Gula is an icon of our hopes and hardships and she recently went through some very difficult days of her life,” Mr. Abdali told The Hindu , referring to her ordeal and arrest in Pakistan.

‘Kind gesture’

“This kind gesture once again strengthens the deeply rooted ties between our two nations committed to standing together in all good and bad days,” Mr. Abdali added. Ms. Gula is expected to travel to India as soon as her paperwork and visa is processed, officials said. However, sources at the hospital said they had not received any confirmation about whether or not Ms. Gula would come there for treatment.

Sharbat Gula is expected to arrive in the city for treatment of Hepatitis C