Shashi Tharoor’s book on British empire ‘An Era of Darkness’ set for release

New Delhi, Oct 05: “The British Empire was responsible for reducing India, one of the world’s richest countries in the 17th century, to one of the poorest in the 20th century,” says Shashi Tharoor in his latest book titled ‘An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India’.

Tharoor had released the final cover of next book on his twitter handle and the title is expected to release on November 11 by Aleph Book publications.

The book is expected to shed light on how the imperial Britain systematically and scientifically looted colonial India and the dark roots of their reforms in favor of British economy.

Dr Tharoor is the author of three novels — The Great Indian Novel (1989), Riot (2001) and Show Business (1992). He has also authored a collection of short stories, The Five Dollar Smile (1990) and the text of a coffee-table book with the photographer Ferrante Ferranti, India (2008).