Sheela Balakrishnan, the next Deputy Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu?

Chennai, December 7: After the great leader Jyalalithaa’s unexpected demise, Tamil Nadu politics has plunged into an ‘infinite uncertainty’. Acting Chief Minister O Paneer Selvam had sworn in as the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu just after the declarion of Jayalalithaa’s death. Really, they were in a hurry to prevent, any attempt, from any political faction, from taking advantage of the chaotic situation.

According to certain reliable sources a restructuring would be done very soon as Jayalalithaa has gone. It was said that, Retired IAS officer and former Chief Secretary, Sheela Balakrishnan, who was the close advisory of Jayalalithaa as well as Paneer Selvam would become a member of the party AIADMK. It was also reported that, she would be considered for the position of the Deputy Chief Minister.

Sheela Balakrishnan is proficient in all the governmental protocol and in this regard, she is better than any other member in the party. This knowledge could lead her to such an important position in the ministry.

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She has the legacy of being the soul mate of the revolutionary leader Jayalalitha and being her and her party’s advisory. The presence of such a person in the party could revive it from the uncertainty originated after the death of Jayalalithaa.

Sheela Balakrishnan, is a native of Thiruvananthapuram in Kerala. She has been a confidante of Jayalalithaa for a long time. Sheela Balakrishnan, the 1976 batch Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer started her career as assistant collector (training) in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu, in 1977. In 1983, she was appointed as the social welfare director. After that she served as the commissioner of industries and commerce fro almost nine years.

Also there are chances that Jayalalithaa’s close aide Sasikala also would come to the mainstream politics. There would soon be a by-election in RK Nagar as it was the constituency of Jayalalithaa. Reportedly, there is a chance for Sasikala Natarajan to get the AIADMK’s RK Nagar seat in this by-election. Once Jayalalithaa had sent, Sasikala and family, out from her Poes Garden and she called back only Sasikala.