Sheena Bora case: Rahul defends murder-accused dad Peter Mukerjea

Mumbai, Jan 28 (IANS) Rahul Mukerjea, son of former media baron and murder-accused Peter Mukerjea, came to his father’s defence on Saturday and shifted the blame of Sheena Bora’s murder on his step-mother Indrani Mukerjea.

A witness in the CBI case, Rahul was in a live-in relationship with Sheena and wanted to marry her, but their parents Peter and Indrani respectively were opposed as they were step-brother and step-sister.

Posting an open letter on Twitter as the CBI prepares for the trial to commence, Rahul said: “Peter was clearly not involved, nor was he aware of any crime allegedly perpetrated by Indrani, despite claims to the contrary.”

“These important circumstances, which to date have not been pointed out, very clearly show that Peter was not ‘in the know’ nor was he involved in the crime. Hence, charges against Peter ought to be dropped,” he demanded.

Claiming that the version pointing to Peter’s involvement was “absolutely incorrect” and has “very unfairly” been publicized as the only narrative without a fair and balanced counter, Rahul said it was Indrani who ‘introduced Sheena and Mikhail as her siblings to everyone, including Peter’ and she obviously didn’t want it to be revealed that they were actually her children.

However, Peter didn’t know the truth of Sheena and Indrani’s relationship and when Sheena and Rahul tried to tell him, he asked Indrani and she strongly refuted it saying they were in fact her siblings and not her children, the Tweet added.