Shilpa Shetty trolled on Twitter over faux pas on George Orwell’s Animal Farm

Mumbai,Nov29:Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty Kundra is in the news,for her faux pas on book reviews.

The actress started trending on social media over her literary review of George Orwell’s 1945 novella ‘Animal Farm’. She suggested that the book should taught to children since it would make them “love and care for animals”.

The ICSE board, recently, decided to include several popular books like ‘Harry Potter’, ‘Tintin’, ‘The Hobbit’ and ‘Amar Chitra Katha’ in their syllabus for English.

The move was appreciated all around and a national daily reached out to Shilpa Shetty to comment on the issue as a mother of a four-year-old son — Viaan. The 41-year-old ‘yoga teacher’ tied herself up in knots by suggesting that ‘Animal Farm’ was a children’s book.

‘Animal Farm’ is actually a dystopian allegory for the rise of Stalinism in which the animal rise up in revolution, but ultimately end up in giving rise to a corrupt elite.

Twitter had a field day trolling the actress and even made #ShilpaShettyReviews a trend.

See the trolling here

After a day of trolling, Shilpa took to Twitter to reveal her side of the story. Accepting that she has never read any of the books she recommended, the actor tweeted