Shiv Sena burns ‘Ishq Junoon’ Movie ‘Vulgar’ Posters ; Filed complaint

Mumbai, Nov 09: A written complaint has been filed against the makers of upcoming movie ‘Ishq Junoon,’ by Shiv Sena, in Mumbai, on Tuesday.

Bala Lokare, secretary of the Sena who was leading the morcha said: “We had received several complaints from women on our toll free number complaining that the poster was very obscene and will have a bad impact on children. Hence we called up the advertiser and warn them to remove it.”

He said that till evening when there was no movement, Lokare along with 30 to 40 sainiks reached Tilak Bridge at Dadar, and burnt the poster. “If these vulgar posters are not removed we may continue our agitation this way,” Lokare said.

Police said that they have not received any complaints.

The trailer of the film ‘Ishq Junoon’ released last month and have a view of 9,047,118 people till date.

Watch the Movie Trailer Here: