Shiv Sena compares Narendra Modi to Napoleon and Alexander

Mumbai, April 17 : The Shiv Sena on Monday made a jibe at Prime Minister Narendra Modi in its editorial mouthpiece ‘Saamna’ by indirectly comparing his tenure with the era of Alexander the Great and Napoleon Bonaparte.

“The golden era should not belong to only one party but to the whole state or nation. This is what we believe in. Alexander the Great and Napoleon were also not able to win the world in their political life,” the Saamna said.

It also blamed the BJP-PDP Government in Jammu and Kashmir for failing to control violence and also for poor law and order management during the recent Srinagar by-polls, low percentage of voting and misbehaving with the Indian Army.

This comes after Prime Minister yesterday said, “We not only want the growth of BJP but our priority is to make nation economically, socially, culturally stable as well.

“However, the Shiv Sena praised Prime Minister Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah for their hard work and dedication for the upcoming elections and said that victory in most of the states is good and inspirational as well.

The Shiv Sena hasn’t read this since there’s a lot to learn from Napoleon: Top 7 life lessons from Napoleon