Shobhaa De gets ire of Twitterati for anti commercial comment on Indian women’s cricket team

Shobhaa De gets ire of Twitterati for anti commercial comment on Indian women's cricket team

Mumbai,August2:Shobhaa De embroiled herself in a controversy of sorts after putting forth her rather comical views on cricket. The veteran columnist took to social media on Tuesday to share her concern for the Indian women’s cricket team.

“Oh Lord! Please protect our amazing women cricketers from crass commercialisation and greed that has ruined most of our Boys in Blue,” De wrote on Twitter.

Mithali Raj and Co have been the toast of the nation ever since they returned from England after an impressive ICC Women’s World Cup 2017 campaign. Everyone, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has lauded the Women in Blue for their efforts in reaching the final.

Naturally, it’s only fair that the players have been flooded with gifts, promotions and sponsorship opportunities since their return. India’s women cricketers have long been in the shadow of their male counterparts, and it’s about time they got their hard-earned due.

After all, they toil under the sun day in, day out just like the Men in Blue. And unlike Virat Kohli and Co, they don’t receive massive pay cheques for their work. What’s wrong then in making the most of what they’re being offered now?

However, what’s most ridiculous in De’s comment is the idea that male cricketers in India have gotten ruined because of greed.

The Indian men’s team is at the top of the rankings in almost every format of the game. They have worked very hard to get there. If they are offered exorbitant amounts of money for commercials, it’s because they enjoy the love of the masses in the country. Them being rich and famous doesn’t mean they’re ‘ruined’ and not committed to their job. This thought seems even more silly when one realises we have (arguably) the most motivated captain ever at this point.

Similarly, if the Women in Blue grab hold of a bunch of advertisements today, it’s because people want to see their faces. But that in no way implies that they will fall off the radar in time.

This point was driven home as De got mercilessly trolled for her views