Shocking! Hacked e-mail says Jayalalithaa was being given wrong medicine for diabetes before admitted to Apollo

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Chennai, Feb 6: The questions about the death of Jayalalithaa is still in the minds of Tamil Nadu. But not even one doubt is cleared yet. Truth and fire cannot be hidden for long. Likewise, the facts about Jayalalithaa’s illness and death are coming out one by one.

Former Chief Minister Jayalalitaa was admitted to Apollo hospital Chennai on September 22. She had undergone treatment there for 75 days. But it looked strange that not even her niece was allowed to see her while she was under treatment at Apollo hospital. Many prominent persons had tried to see her, but all in vain. No authentic person from the society had seen her after she had entered the Apollo hospital, until she succumbed to death on December 5. Moreover only very little information about her was given out by the government as well as the hospital.

MP Sasikala Pushpa had asked to conduct an investigation on the death of Jayalalitaa, which was unnatural by all means. There was even rumoured that Jayalalithaa was slow poisoned by Sasiakala Natarajan, the close aide of Jayalalithaa.

On 13th December a chennai based NGO has filed a Public Interest Litigation at the Supreme court seeking CBI probe into the issue of Jayalalitaa’s death.

On Thursday 15th, the state’s leader of the opposition, the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam’s (DMK) MK Stalin demanded a detailed report on the death of Jayalalithaa’s death. He had also demanded the state government to release a white paper on the treatment given to her. Pattali Makkal Katchi (PMK) chief S Ramadoss also issued a statement seeking information on Jayalalithaa’s unexpected death.

Adding spice to the rumours and the conspiracy theories over Jayalalithaa’s treatment and death, an email is leaked out just a few hours back. This e-mail was allegedly written by NDTV senior Journalist Barkha Dutt. The mail has been sent to various email addresses within the official circle.

The email written by Barkha Dutt passes on information to the channel on “off record” details given to her by “one of the Apollo Reddy sisters” who form part of the management of the hospital, along with their father Pratap C Reddy.

The email reads:

Subject: at a conference with one of the Apollo Reddy Sisters – only fyi not for using

says (off record)… no coming back from this.. now all about buying time and preparing people. no positive updates at allll.. Not to be used. just FYI also says.. she was being given wrong medicine for diabetes.. before she was brought to them..

Says she had made decent improvement recovery before this happened..ut that they  never said full recovery at all

though she she was being given some briefings etc.. and brain was alert.. now says.. hearts and lungs functioning by support..



The ‘she’ being referred to in the email is Jayalalithaa, who suffered a cardiac arrest on the intervening night of 4th December, a few hours before this email was purportedly written.

Firstpost reported that, on cross verifying with staffers at NDTV, they did confirm that the email had indeed been sent by Dutt – a couple of staffers received the email in their inboxes. Emails to the NDTV management, including Dr Prannoy Roy, Co-Founder of the channel went unanswered. Firstpost reached out to Barkha Dutt, Prannoy Roy as well as to various other senior journalists in NDTV via Twitter, requesting a response on this email, but none were forthcoming.

Reportedly, NDTV’s emails as well as twitter accounts were hacked by the hacker group Legion, who had allegedly hacked the server of Apollo hospital.

While INDIA LIVE TODAY contacted Apollo hospitals, they too did not make any comment on the issue.