Shocking! incident of radicalizing Muslims in Kerala: Salafi preacher asks parents not to send kids to ‘mainstream schools’

Thiruvananthapuram, October 17: The words of a Salafi preacher, Abdul Moshin Aydeed, from Kerala takes new heights when he asks the Muslim Community not to send their children to mainstream schools. According to him, the mainstream schools are the institutions which pulls the students away from their religion.

In the one-hour-long audio speech uploaded , the preacher asked the parents to make sure that their children follow the path of Allah and learn what the messenger of Allah had taught.

The preacher is from Kozhikode in Kerala, where the major population is the Msulim community. A one hour audio was released on urging all Muslims not to permit their children to learn the things taught in mainstream schools on Monday.

In the controversial speech Abdul Moshin Aydeed he states that Muslim children must be taught according to the preachings of Allah. No one needs the help of others to bring up their own children according to their religion, he added. We shall not let our children become kaffirs, by learning un-Islamic things. He also proclaimed that no one could question them including the government, on raising their children in the way they want to.

Click here to listen to the speech.

In his audio he also asked the parents to set up home schools instead of sending them to schools run by other communities. Muslim children must be taught in Islamic way.

The preacher is an extreme Salafi and a member of the group of Shamsudeen Fareed. Earlier, there was a controversy regarding Peace’s International School’s textbooks. The statement made in the audio directs to the issue with the controversial Peace’s International School.

45-year-old Shamsudeen Fareed was earlier called Shamsudheen Palath is also a Salafi preacher. Shamsudeen Fareed, the unofficial spokesperson of the ‘outift’, known as ‘extreme Salafis’, is also from Kozhikode, Kerala.