Shocking! Juvenile rapist of Nirbhaya, Mohammed Afroz is free now, has no regrets yet

Shocking! Juvenile rapist of Nirbhaya, Mohammed Afroz has no regrets yet
Shocking! Juvenile rapist of Nirbhaya, Mohammed Afroz is free now, has no regrets yet.

New Delhi, May 6: Only a day after capital punishment was proclaimed to 4 Nirbhaya attackers, a stunning story has turned out in which the adolescent’s guide has delighted that the Mohammed Afroz, the adolescent attacker had attempted to get another young lady into their transport that prior night Nirbhaya and her companion got into the transport.

A report which was discharged by Quint today stated, Md Afroz was kept in adolescent home for a long time where he was shown cooking, painting and fitting. Amid his stay he was in consistent touch with his mom. After his discharge, he was in a NGO home for few days. Later the NGO home had restored him in the Southern piece of the nation where he began functioning as a cook in a street side dhaba.

As indicated by the advocate, the dhaba owner or his boss did not think about his past. The police had trained not to uncover his personality since he may get assaulted as a result of individuals’ fierceness against him for the deplorable wrongdoing he has conferred.

Meanwhile, parents of Nirbhaya said, “I have spoken out against him in the media. He may try to silence me forever. I travel alone using public transport. Who will protect me? The government is worried about the safety of the juvenile rapist. They feel that he could be killed if his picture is in the public domain. But what about the safety of society? Will we able to recognise him if he’s sitting next to us?”

The counselor made shocking revelation that during his stay in juvenile home, they never saw any positive change in him. He never showed regret for the gruesome act he committed. He had revealed his role on the night Nirbhaya was raped as to how he picked up an iron rod from under the seat and inserted forcibly into Nirbhaya’s vagina and pulled out her uterus just to teach her a lesson.

There was no lament all over when I initially met him after he was captured. Nor is there any today. I didn’t need to flame broil him to make him admit to his wrongdoing. He informed me in insight regarding his part in the wrongdoing. “He additionally disclosed to me that before Nirbhaya boarded the transport, he had attempted to persuade another young lady who was separated from everyone else to get in, however that had bombed.” There was definitely no positive change in him!