Shocking! Rajasthan HM defends lynch mob gau rakshaks

Gau Rakshaks

Alwar, April 05: Rajasthan state home minister Gulab Chand Kataria defends the gau rakshaks who lynched to death one, and injured four cattle transporters in Rajasthan’s Alwar district.

“The problem is from both the sides. People know cow-trafficking is illegal but they do it. Gau Bhakts try to stops those who are indulge in such crimes,” the minister said. “However, taking law in one’s hand is wrong. Police will act against both sides.”

The police say they have made 10 arrests for murder, but their version also appears to support the self-appointed cow vigilantes.

“Police got information that some people are smuggling cows from Jaipur and are headed to Delhi. Behrod police caught some trucks and some trucks escaped, these trucks were forced stopped by public and the drivers were beaten by the public,” a senior police officer, Paras Jain, told NDTV.