Shocking! Seven-year-old girl dies of dengue, Fortis hospital charges Rs 18 lakh from parents to take body home

Shocking! Seven-year-old girl dies of dengue, Fortis hospital charges Rs 18 lakh from parents to take body home. Photo: Twitter

Gurgaon/Delhi, November 21: Yet another shocking case where the parents of a seven-year-old girl who died of dengue after the treatment at the Fortis Hospital.

The parents were told that they can take their daughter’s dead body after paying the bill of Rs 18 lakh. The parents of the girl alleged that the hospital staff kept their daughter on ventilator for three days although she was not responding to the treatment.

The seven-year-old girl died on September 14,2017. The Union Health Minister J.P. Nadda called for details of the case and assured that he will look into this matter. J.P. Nadda tweeted that Please provide me details on .We will take all the necessary action.

The seven-year-old girl Adyar was shifted to Gurgaon’s Fortis Memorial Research Institute from another private hospital on the morning of August 31, 2017.

The hospital authorities said in a statement that Adyar was admitted with severe dengue and it continued to dengue shock syndrome. She was on IV fluids and supportive treatment because there was decrease in platelet count and hemoconcentration. As the condition of Adyar deteriorated, she was put on ventilator support within 48 hours.

The statement further mentioned that the family was being informed about the critical condition of their child and the poor prediction in this case. as apart of the process, the hospital authorities counselled the family everyday on the condition of the child. The family decided to take their daughter from the hospital against medical advice on September 14 and she succumbed the same day.

The hospital authorities said that there is nothing wrong from their side and that all standard medical protocols were followed in the treatment and all clinical guidelines were adhered to.

The statement said that a bill of around 20 pages was given to the family while they parents were leaving the hospital. The seven-year-old-girl was treated in the Paediatric ICU for 15 days and was serious from the time of admission requiring intensive monitoring.

So, the cost of all the treatment facilities van be completely seen in records and charged as per actuals. The Fortis Hospital added that they were in touch with the family to address their concerns and remain available for any further support required. We can totally understand the grief of the bereaved family and our heartfelt condolences go out to them.