Shooting with Martin Freeman after split was weird, says Abbington

London, Jan 2 (IANS) Actress Amanda Abbington says shooting for “Sherlock” with actor Martin Freeman after their split was weird.

The former lovers play on screen couple Mary and John Watson in the show, which is back with its fourth season. Abbington opened up about her breakup from Freeman in an interview to Sunday Telegraph’s Stella magazine, reports

“Yes, (it was) so weird. Especially playing new parents again, up all night feeding and things, because we were effectively revisiting how it was when we first got together,” Abbington said.

She said while there were “pressure points” during the filming, she would love to work with her Freeman again in the future.

Abbington explained that while the split was “upsetting”, it was an amicable one — and the breakup will be better for their children too.

“Martin and I remain best friends and love each other, and it was entirely amicable, but we realised we’d come to the end of our time together,” she said, adding that he sees their two kids as much as he wants.