Shruti Haasan stay silent about the Kamal Haasan-Gautami split

Chennai, Nov 03: It was only 2 days ago, when Gautami announced her split with Kamal Haasan through an article on her blog. The article was titled Life and Decisions and she talked about how after 13 years, she had no choice but to come to this heartbreaking truth.

Through this split, Kamal Haasan’s daughter has kept mum. Here’s what her spokesperson had told a leading portal,” “She has never commented on anyone’s personal life and decisions.

For Shruti, what matters most is standing by, loving and respecting her family — her parents and her sister — no matter what.”

The one to usually clarify rumours, she has chosen to remain quite despite there being rumours of her being responsible for this split. Because three months ago, Shruti and Gautami had an ugly spat on the sets of Sabash Naidu, regarding costumes.

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But later, her spokesperson clarified that the costumes was a collaborative effort that everyone has contributed to. When Shruti was asked whether she had a chance to talk to Gautami, she dodged it by saying,” “I’m quite busy with my shooting and I just have enough time to spare to meet my dad, Akshara and my friends. I don’t have the privilege of time to meet everyone all the time. But, I’ve always said that my dad is one of the most important people in my universe and if someone’s important to him, I respect that person.”

There’s also the fact that both of them don’t follow each on Twitter. A tiny observation, but an important one nonetheless.

To add to it, certain reports state, when Kamla Haasan injured himself recently, Gautami didn’t inform the daughters earlier, that set off a fight as well. Adding fuel to the fire, when Shruti Haasan came down to Chennai to celebrate Diwali with her father, Gautami was nowhere in the picture.

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Reacting to the split Kamal Haasan had spoken to a leading journalist from Deccan Chronicle,”“Whatever gives her comfort and solace is fine by me. My feelings at the moment are of no importance. What matters is that Gautami and Subbu should be comfortable and happy. I wish them all the best and want them to know I am there for them whenever they need me. I am blessed with three daughters — Shruti, Akshara and Subbulakshmi. I consider myself the luckiest father in the world.”

According to a report in the same publication, it was Guatami who wanted out, not Kamal Haasan. The shocking split comes days before Kamal Haasan’s 62nd Birthday.

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