Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt shares the latest saga of love in Bollywood

Mumbai, November 11: Bollywood is never in short of love stories, dating stories or breakup stories. The latest on the list is Sidharth Malhotra and Alia Bhatt.

They have kept their fans and media guessing about their relationship status. But now Alia has admitted that she is “fond” of Sidharth Malhotra. She added that he is an important part of her life. This is the first time she spoke about her relationship with him to the media.

We generally see B-town couples avoiding relationship questions and saying ‘we are just friends’. But that comment is too done to death now and Sidharth has given a new definition to relationship and we are sure Alia too will be happy with Sidharth’s answer.

But this time Sidharth literally surprised us by talking about the bond he shares with Alia. There have been a lot of rumours that all is not well between the couple and they are going thorough a rough patch. But the lovers are unaffected and finally Sidharth spoke about his relationship with Alia. During a media interaction Sidharth said, “Alia and I share a deep friendship that remains unaffected by what’s written about us”.

Earlier, Alia had shared an intimate picture with Sidharth and captioned, “A moment of quiet amidst the noise. #DreamTeam”. This picture is worth thousand words. So Bollywood Lifers tell us about Sidharth’s latest confession on his relationship with ladylove Alia Bhatt.

The self-confessed private actor’s reply might just be a confirmation of their relationship. “It’s very tricky to comment about your personal life. A lot depends on your personality and as far as I am concerned, I like to keep things private. Maybe for me, it is serious enough to not be discussed in public? What I share with Alia is something unique. I got to know her when both of us were non-actors and that bond is for a lifetime. We’re extremely comfortable with each other. There is a lot of likability and comfort and deep-rooted attachment is what I’d say and that I’d like to believe will last for a long, long time,” Sidharth said.