Simon Cowell bans Niall Horan from ‘The X Factor’

London, Oct 23 (IANS) Music mogul Simon Cowell has banned Irish singer-songwriter Niall Horan from performing his solo material on “The X Factor”.

Cowell is upset with Horan snubbing his solo record deal and signing with Universal, reports

According to the Sun Newspapar, there is no chance of Horan getting invited onto one of the live shows to perform his track “This town”, while Liam Payne is also said to be blacklisted after he chose to go with a rival label.

“Simon really thought the 1D boys would show loyalty after he mentored them on the show and made them the huge global success they are. Instead they went behind his back. He’s not going to be doing them any favours. He knows artists love performing on the show as there are eight million viewers to promote their songs to,” a source said.