Sin city Mong-La, hive of drugs,trafficking and prostitution in Myanmar, nothing illegal and no law

Nyapidaw,Dec16:Preferably known as the sin city, Eastern Myanmar’s Mong-La city is the city of sex, drugs and all illegal activities. Highly suppressed under the power of drug lords, this city is a one stop location for people who have paper in abundance and are fond of exotic animals, sex and drugs.
Most of the tourists who come to visit Mong-La city are from China, surprisingly, the entire city is wired according to the Chinese people. From the clocks to phone networks, even their currency is Chinese.
The city is supposedly controlled by National Democratic Alliance Army of Lin Mingxian, who is better known as a regional leader and a drug trafficker, according to the 2005 Wikileaks report . The city is now monitored by an army which keeps law and order in place, apparently.

Myanmar falls in to Southeast Asia’s golden triangle, which is a lawless region along the border with Laos and Thailand. Myanmar, as per 2014 reports by the UN is also the top producer of opium after Afghanistan in the Southeast Asia.
About 762 metric tonnes of opium was produced in 2014 by Myanmar and Laos, which is further trafficked to neighbouring countries. Myanmar also signed a ceasefire with eight rebel groups in 2015 to overcome the conflicts and that is one of the major reasons for the lack of law and order in Mong-La.
The availability of drugs is so easy in this city that you can even buy them while walking on the roads. Endangered animals like tigers, coalitions, crocodiles, ivory (elephant ivory), tortoises, snakes and anteaters are available at every turn.

Due to an increase in gambling, there is also a spike in the construction of new casinos and hotels to meet the needs. But what many people do not know is that the area is quite prone to the earthquakes and can destruct these high rise buildings like a domino anytime.
The locals believe that the moment the Chinese government changes its mind; the game will be over in an instant. But the strong bond between Yunnan province in China and Mong-La is the only thing that’s holding this city together.