Six month old dies of malnutrition in Somalia

Six month old dies of malnutrition in Somalia

Mogadishu, March21:Little Hamdi Ahmed was six months old but she weighed less than a normal newborn. She had been battling malnutrition since birth because she was born in a drought-stricken place that is Somalia.

It hasn’t rained for 3 years there and many children close to Hamdi’s age had been admitted to the malnourishment ward. She seemed to be one of the worst cases there and she was suffering from terrible complications due to lack of proper nutrition.

At 6 months, she weighed just close to 8lb, which is not even close to what we call a healthy weight.

Just a week after being admitted for serious complications, it was reported that little Hamdi is no more. She couldn’t be treated correctly for her complications because her body wasn’t able to respond well to the drugs.

She developed white patches on her head along with rashes on her skin due to the complications.

Some kids have developed organ failure due to lack of nutrition and are currently admitted to hospitals for treatment.


It hasn’t rained in Somalia for 3 years now.