Skilled Indians are relaxed with Donald Trump’s announcement of merit-based system

Skilled Indians are relaxed with the announcement of Trump's Merit-Based system

Washington, August 4: Indians, who are highly educated, technology professionals with good communicative skills in English need not worry about getting the residency cards of US. The US President Donald Trump has announced a ‘Merit-based’ system which shows his support for a legislation that would cut in half the number of legal immigrants allowed into the US. US legislation, Reforming American Immigration for Strong Employment (RAISE) Act could afford Indian brains as soon as the Congress pass the bill.

Residency cards/ Green cards provide permanent residency, work authorization, and citizenship of US. Trump said that RAISE Act will increase wages, thereby reducing poverty and save taxpayers. He also stated that chain migration would come to an end.

The new point based system by RAISE Act favours the applicants who are fluent in English, financially strong, and has extra ordinary skills that could contribute to the US economy. Trump asserted that new migrants and new immigrants will be prevented from collecting welfare and they would be protected from being displaced.

Donald Trump has probably followed the idea of point based system from Canada and Australia, where they are currently following the same.