Skymet predicts normal monsoon this year

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Indian Meteorological Department forecasts normal monsoon this year

New Delhi, April 5: The rainfall this monsoon season would be normal. This news brings cheers to farming sector as well as India’s economy.

Country’s private weather forecast agency, Skymet Weather, has predicted ‘normal’ this year and said that there was 55 percent possibility of normal seasonal rainfall during June-September period.

The Skymet Weather has completely ruled out the possibility of drought instead has predicted about 20 percent chance of ‘above normal’ rainfall.

It said, “The Monsoon 2018 is likely to remain normal at 100 percent (with an error margin of +/-5 percent) of the Long Period Average (LPA) of 887 mm for the four-month period from June to September.”

Rainfall is considered as ‘normal’ if the average rainfall is between 96-104 percent of the LPA. Anything less than 90 percent of the LPA is termed as a “deficient” rainfall and 90-96 percent of the LPA is considered as “below normal”.

“Above normal” monsoon is between 104-110 percent of the LPA and anything beyond 110 percent of the LPA is considered as “excess”. The LPA of the seasonal rainfall over the country as a whole for the period 1951-2000 is 89 cm.

The Skymet Weather’s prediction comes amidst the background that the India Meteorological Department (IMD) has predicted an intense heat wave condition this summer. The forecast also comes ahead of IMD’s seasonal rainfall prediction for the year.

IMD’s in its recent bulletin on El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO) had ruled out the possibility of El Nino at least till August.

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