Small town people value opportunities a lot more: Roshan Abbas

Mumbai, Oct 26 (IANS) TV anchor and director Roshan Abbas, who hails form Lucknow, believes people who come from small towns value opportunities a lot more as compared to those with an urban upbringing.

Roshan told IANS: “People who come from small town value opportunities a lot more and they work harder because going back is not an option. I think it’s not about maturity as much as it’s about being grounded. Maturity is something that comes with age and experience.”

Abbas said he has a few scripts — essentially based in Lucknow — in mind.

“I have two to three scripts on Lucknow. It’s a place where people of different communities lives together, abusing each other, loving each other. I am soon meeting someone who has a old Nawabi story which is contemporary.

“If it’s interesting, I will try to take it ahead. I do think there are some great stories from small cites for sure,” he added.

Roshan, whose career has seen him work in the radio world, and as a television game show host, said his journey has been very satisfying.

“I come from a simple middle class family from Lucknow. One thing that I have always been taught very early in life was that knowledge is actually the most important thing. Knowledge is the key to success.

“I just combined it with hard work. Very early on, I was into theatre. The best part of this media is they count your talent first and nobody asks you what’s your background.”