Snake regurgitating another snake, still alive in video in Texas

Snake regurgitating another snake, still alive in video in Texas

Here’s another example of how brutal and frightening nature can be sometimes. And boy, will you need a strong stomach to watch this! A video, recently shared on YouTube, shows a snake regurgitating another snake, still alive, as shocked onlookers record the scene on camera.

“My wife and I were leaving my mother’s when I caught a glimpse of this snake while I drove past it. I stopped and backed up to take some photographs,” YouTube user Christopher Reynolds writes on the video sharing site. What he recorded makes for the most disgusting yet intriguing footage ever.

Shared just eight hours before writing this, the video shows a large black snake throwing up a slightly smaller brown one. What’s more fascinating is that the other snake was alive after the snake spared its life.

“He felt uncomfortable with us here, so he regurgitated it, so he can get away. That is that other snake’s super ultra-lottery lucky day,” Mr Reynolds can be heard saying in the video.

That’s not all. Another video of a snake is doing the rounds online. This one, recorded in Karvem-Canacona, Goa, shows a snake regurgitating a plastic bottle it swallowed, assuming it to be food.

According to the description posted on the video, the snake picked up the bottle from a garbage dump. At first, people thought the snake had swallowed some eggs but it turned out to be a plastic bottle. The video comes as a reminder of how plastic waste which is not disposed of properly can harm our environment and wildlife.