Snapchat’s video-recording ‘Spectacles’ raises suspicion of privacy breach

California,Nov18:Snapchat’s new video specs are going like hotcakes, showing promising signs it won’t be another Google Glass-like disappointment. Yet, amid the Spectacles hype, privacy breach concerns seem to be underestimated.

It has been a full week since Snapchat-maker Snap, Inc. started selling its brand new $129 Spectacles from a vending machine – Snapbots – in Venice, California, right outside the company’s headquarters.

Snapbots are the only way to buy Spectacles, and they keep moving from spot to spot. Snap is doing a great job of keeping people on the edge of their seats with an interactive map on a dedicated webpage.

Snap’s idea of video-recording glasses is not a new one. Google pioneered it with its glasses in 2013, selling for over $1,500, but they did not last long. The company discontinued its “Glass experiment” in January 2015, in part because of safety and privacy concerns.