Sonia Gandhi rushed to New Delhi following health complications

NEW DELHI March 23, 2018: UPA chairperson Sonia Gandhi, who was in Shimla on a private visit along with her daughter Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, was rushed to New Delhi on Friday following health complications, media reports.

Sonia Gandhi and Priyanka had arrived in Shimla and were lodged at a five-star hotel near Charabra. They reviewed the construction of a cottage nearby, which is being built by Priyanka.

The reports said she left Shimla little before midnight and took a break at a hotel near Chandigarh. Thereafter, she took an 8.30 am flight to New Delhi.

Initially, Gandhi was to be taken to PGI Chandigarh, but her doctors, who were constantly in touch with Priyanka, advised her to travel to Delhi instead, said the reports.

Senior government officials confirmed on Friday morning that Senior Medical Superintendent of Shimla’s IGMC hospital Dr Ramesh Chand was deputed with her, said the media reports.

“Her condition was stable. She took a short break after travelling on the Shimla-Panchkula road, and stayed at a hotel near Panchkula before a special flight was arranged for to travel to Delhi this morning. She reached the Panchkula hotel at around 2.35 am,” said Dr Chand.

Media reports, quoting officials said her health complication was mainly due to cold conditions after the temperature dipped following rains and a thunderstorm in Shimla and adjoining areas.