Sonu Nigam Azaan row: 2 stabbed in Madhya Pradesh for backing singer’s remarks

Twitter suspends Abhijeet's account, Sonu Nigam backs him, quits Twitter.

Ujjain, April 21: Two men were stabbed in Madhya Pradesh after one of them took to Facebook in support of Playback singer Sonu Nigam’s comments on the use of loudspeakers for Azaan, the Muslim call to prayer.

Reportedly, the post said that ‘now he will only listen to Sonu Nigam songs’. The stabbing incident took place in Ujjain’s Freeganj area.

Shivam Rai, who posted a comment on Facebook regarding the issue, was allegedly threatened on the phone by two men and told to come to the Freeganj area. Shivam Rai and his friend Ayush Shreewas were attacked on arrival with knives. The two were later admitted to a district hospital; Ayush Shreewas was reportedly seriously injured.

A case of attempted murder under Section 307 of the IPC has been filed against the accused, Mohammad Nagori and Faizan Khan, the Madhavnagar police station in-charge MS Parmar, according to a report in the Hindustan Times.

Earlier this week, Singer Sonu Nigam stirred controversy after going on a Twitter rant against the use of loudspeakers at Mosques, calling it ‘forced religiousness’ and ‘gundagardi’.

Nigam’s comments, which were backed by some and opposed by others, particularly angered Muslim cleric Syed Sha Atef Ali Al Quaderi who announced a reward of Rs 10 lakhs to anyone who manages to shave Sonu Nigam’s head, make him wear a garland of old shoes and parade him across the country.

The row didn’t stop there, as soon after, Sonu Nigam himself shaved his head and told the media that he stands by his statements.