Soon, exchange money through WhatsApp!

If you think that WhatsApp is just a place for memes and forward group messages – here is an  afterthought from the messaging app itself- Payment option. Soon you could send and receive money using WhatsApp, as the latest WhatsApp Beta version has started testing the Payment option.

The payments will be through UPI (Unified Payments Interface). This indicates the final stage of inclusion of WhatsApp payments system on the Android app will be soon launched.

Several screen grabs of the new payment option has been put out by Gizmo Times. The shortcut for Payment shows up in the list of attachments alongside Documents, Gallery, Audio, Location, and Contact.

Tapping on “Payment” takes you to the linking of your UPI account. If you haven’t made a UPI account earlier, that will have to be done on the UPI app or on the bank’s website.

Some users who have downloaded the beta version is getting the above options on their WhatsApp.