Sound of folk music must be changed to keep roots intact: Papon

Mumbai, Oct 31 (IANS) Papon, a popular new age Indian singer who has a unique voice texture that encapsulates folk to rock skillfully, says the sound of folk music changes in every century and the way to keep the genre alive is to let it evolve.

Papon had earlier this month performed at folk-fusion music festival Paddy Fields here.

Talking about his affinity for folk music, he said: “I was born into a musical household where my father was an iconic folk singer (Khagen Mahanta). So, it is my foundation. When it comes to fusion, thankfully as a musician, I have travelled the world and imbibed various folk music from different regions that I fuse naturally in my music.”

Papon has carved his niche in Bollywood as well as in the world of independent music. That apart, his band Papon and The East India Company has managed to reach out to music lovers by giving a contemporary touch to folk music.

Of his signature style, the “”Moh moh ke dhaage” crooner said: “If you look at the folk music of our generation, it is pretty different from the earlier generation of folk musicians. You see, the time has changed, and we should change the sound of folk music keeping the root and essence intact. Folk music is one of the genres where the sound changes in every century. It is a natural process.”

Asked to choose one of his favourite folk musicians who really shaped him as a vocalist and developed him as a musician, Papon took the obvious example of his father.

But said: “I am not saying so as a son, but I consider him my guru. I am his admirer and his music influenced me the most. Developing my own singing style is a gradual process that has come with exposure and how I embrace them (the different styles).”