Special Kerala Assembly session to discuss beef ban rules; Beef fry for breakfast at Assembly Canteen

Asha CK, CPI MLA and Prathibha Hari, CPI M MLA have a breakfast at Assembly Canteen

Thiruvananthapuram, June 08: A Special Kerala Assembly session to discuss beef ban rules held in Kerala today.

Before the Assembly convened for a special one-day session to discuss the Centre’s notification on sale and purchase of cattle from animal markets for slaughter, the MLAs enjoyed beef fry in their breakfast.
Several Kerala legislators headed to the Assembly canteen for a quick breakfast, that comprised beef fry, before attending the special session of the Assembly.

Beef fry is a regular item in the Kerala Assembly canteen menu for breakfast.
Usually, beef is served in the canteen after 11 am but today anticipating the high attendance of MLAs ahead of the special session, the canteen started serving beef since early morning.
“With the session entirely devoted to discussing the beef issue, we brought 10 kg of beef early in the morning. A good number of MLAs have already had beef fry before heading to the Assembly floor,” a canteen employee was quoted by IANS.