Spend seven nights in constituencies: PM to BJP lawmakers

New Delhi, May 10:  Ahead of the government’s second anniversary to be observed this month, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reportedly asked Bharaitya Janata Party Parliamentarians to spend seven nights in their constituencies, media reports said.

According to NDTV, the direction was issued after the PM met his lawmakers this morning, said sources who were present.

MPs are to use their house call to advertise the different welfare schemes and reforms introduced by the government, and to collate a wish-list from the public.

The feedback is then to be presented to PM Modi by small clusters of MPs, NDTV reports.

As May 26 approaches for celebration of the NDA government’s second year in power, the PM faces several challenges that include the need to shake up the economy even as the opposition stalls major reforms, creating jobs, and improving farmers’ incomes despite prolonged drought.

Key states like Tamil Nadu and Bengal are voting now for their new government, and next year’s election in Uttar Pradesh will be seen as an indicator of how parties will fare in the general election in 2019, reports NDTV.