Sri Lanka to regulate national airline

Colombo, Jan 20 (IANS) The Sri Lankan government will take strict action to regulate the national airline to cut its huge loss and prevent corruption, a minister said on Friday.

Kabir Hashim, Minister of Public Enterprise Development, said action must be taken against some former and current officials of Sri Lankan Airlines based on a report of a committee headed by ant-corruption lawyer J.C. Weliamuna, Xinhua reported.

“There was a mafia in Sri Lanka. It is still there. It needs to be cleaned. I think the Weliamuna Report has its merits and it needs to be implemented,” the minister said.

While the airline was operating at a huge loss when the former government was in power, it is now seeing a reduction of losses, Hashim added.

Hashim noted the government had cancelled orders signed by the previous administration for four new A-350 aircraft which were scheduled to be delivered this year and launched investigations.

“We have taken steps to revive the airline. We are following the proper procedure to do this,” the minister added.