Sri Sri Ravi Shankar , ‘Art of Living’ founder not ready to pay NGT fine but ready for jail

Art of Living objects report filed by National Green Tribunal on damage to biodiversity of river Yamuna.

Ravi Shankar who is the founder of ‘Art of Living’ has decided to say ‘No’ to fine and ‘Yes’ to Jail. The guruji has decided not pay the 5 Crores fine which is imposed on him as he is going to do environmental damage o the venue of his World Culture Festival.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji is also going to attend this World Culture Festival. Ironically, Art of Living so far has spent Rs.26 Crores on this festival. But Ravi Shankar said, “We have never done anything wrong. We are harmless and we will remain so. We will go to Jail. But we will not pay a single penny.”
And despite these problems, Narendra Modi has assured that he will attend the event. This will be a 3 day World Culture Festival and it will take place on the banks of the Yamuna river.
The National Green Tribunal (NGT) fined Rs.5 Crores on Sri Sri’s foundation and other Governmental bodies for negligence in Eco matters. Ravi Shankar futher said, “We have never chopped a single tree. We just pruned and levelled the floodplain. This is an event where we bring people closer to each other.”