Sridevi’s daughter Jhanvi Kapoor is dating with this guy ???

Mumbai, Dec 03: Jhanvi Kapoor might still have time to make her Bollywood debut but she’s already in news for her alleged love life.

First, it was speculated that Jhanvi and Shikhar Pahariya are together.

Pictures of them kissing also did the rounds. But now, there’s a new twist in the tale.

Not Shikhar, Jhanvi might be dating this other man.

Who’s he? Akshat Ranjan! Recently, there were reports about how Sridevi was seen with Jhanvi and her good friend Shikhar at the screening of Dear Zindagi.

Well the guy who tagged along with the Kapoors was not Shikhar but Akshat.

The young boy is a student of International Relations, with Entrepreneurial Leadership and Film and Media Studies at the Tufts University.

Jhanvi and Akshat have a lot of pictures together on social media which only add fuel to the fire.