Stopping DCW staff’s salary criminal, inhuman: Maliwal

New Delhi, Oct 31 (IANS) It was inhuman and criminal to stop the salaries of the Delhi Commission for Women employees — most of whom are acid attack victims, the women’s body chief Swati Maliwal said on Monday.

“Not paying DCW staff salary is inhuman. Have told DCW administration to not release my salary also until all contractual staff are paid salaries,” Maliwal tweeted.

“DCW even works on Saturday. Salary is less. Most staff gets less than Rs 25,000. I get Rs 30,000 per month. Stopping acid victims’ salaries criminal,” she added.

The DCW had on Friday alleged that the new Member Secretary, Alka Diwan, who was appointed by Lt Governor Najeeb Jung, had stopped the salaries of employees.

“I wonder what kind of people are they who have stopped the salaries of acid attack victims,” Maliwal said.

Condemning the act, Maliwal added: “I would not have felt bad had I been jailed but those women would have celebrated Diwali after a long time.”