Storm surge threatens UK coastal areas

London, Jan 13 (IANS) Severe flood warnings were on Friday in place along the eastern coast of England, amid fears that thousands of homes were at risk from a storm surge.

The Environment Agency said the morning tide was not as high as expected but it issued severe flood warnings — meaning danger to life — for later, the BBC reported.

The Environment Agency’s severe flood warnings — its highest possible alert — are in place for coastal areas of Norfolk and Suffolk.

It said high tide levels — due to spring tides and a tidal surge — combined with gale force winds will cause “large waves and sea spray resulting in potential damage to flood defences and flooding of property”.

Environment Agency chief executive James Bevan told BBC that the first tide to hit the coast on Friday was “slightly under the height that we expected”.

“The second, due this evening, may come out slightly higher than has been anticipated,” he added.

Meanwhile, in Scotland, up to seven inches of snow fell overnight in parts of the Highlands, causing disruption on the roads.

The A93 was closed south of Braemar, while speed restrictions were in place due to high winds on the Forth Road Bridge and the Skye Bridge.