Strange! School in Kerala’s Malappuram has 2 different uniforms based on student’s academic skills

Strange! School in Kerala's Malappuram has 2 different uniforms based on student's academic skills

Thiruvananthapuram, August 12: A private school in the Kerala’s Malappuram district is facing criticisms after two different uniforms for students were introduced based on their academic skills.

According to the unusual uniform code, academically brilliant students would wear white shirts and tops while another category of average students would wear red check shirts and tops. the new system was brought in the new academic session which began in June.

Although the parents previously opposed the move which was told by the Al Farooque English medium school in Pandikkad that the new uniform could provoke a healthy competition between students and it would upgrade the performance of the average students.

A student’s mother said that “We were told that the average students would desire for a white uniform and would work hard but we found it too discriminatory.”

The parents criticized that the school neglected the intellectual pain of the children who were treated differently. When the criticisms of the parents were not working, the parents contacted the Childline, a body that works under the state social welfare ministry to ensure the rights of children, the officials of Childline found that the system was highly biased.

The Childline district coordinator Anwar Karakadan said that “When we questioned the school principal about 2 different uniforms, the principal gave an explanation that it would create a healthy competition among students. The principal added that he is not troubled about the psychological problem it provoked.”

The state education department has sought a report from the district education officer. When approached a spokesman of the Al Farooque group, there was statement declared that the school would terminate the school uniform instantly and strict action would be taken against the principal. Around 900 students are studying in the higher secondary school.