Students to agitate against KMCT college ,Calicut for hefty fines

Parents send their wards to educational institutions so as to aspire education, not to make them politicians: Kerala HC

Kozhikode, Jan 14: Students of KMCT Polytechnic College here organised a march to the institution alleging that the principal was unleashing a reign of terror on them which included physical torture, imposition of inhuman rules and hefty fines even for minor lapses.

The protestors who gather under the banner of Students Federation of India alleged that the latest instance was the imposition of a fine of Rs 1,000 for “peeping out from the class room.” It is understood that the management suspended more than 300 students for participating in the agitation on Friday.

SFI district secretary Linto Joseph told DC that the students are planning a massive strike in the institution from Monday against the dictatorial attitude of the principal and the staff. “Majority of students under the KMCT management are afraid of opening up their minds fearing disciplinary action,” he said, adding that all the students’ organisations have started units in the institution and are planning to launch the agitation united.