Students assault woman teacher for objecting to smoking in the Sonitpur area of Assam

Students assault woman teacher for objecting to smoking in the Sonitpur area of Assam

Guwahati,Sept11:In a shocking incident, a woman teacher in the Sonitpur area of Assam was assaulted by some students inside the premise of the very school they belong to.

The teacher reportedly stopped some students from smoking inside the school, for which she was assaulted. The incident came to light after she narrated it on Facebook.

The teacher in her post said some male students started verbally abusing her after she stopped them from smoking inside the school premise. The verbal assault soon turned physical, she said.

She also said the entire incident happened in front of other staff of the school and the headmaster as well.

However, no one interrupted, and chose to remain mute spectators to the incident, she said. The teacher somehow managed to call her husband, who came to the spot and rescued her.

The Facebook post she made was on September 9, and it has since gone viral. More than 500 people have shared the post, and thousands have reacted to it.

Many have suggested that the teacher file a police complaint against the students and the school authorities.

Two other incidents related to schools had shocked the nation recently. First, a seven-year-old student was found murdered in Ryan International School, Gurugram.

The school’s bus conductor was subsequently arrested for allegedly trying to sexually assault the child and murdering him.

The school’s principal had also been suspended for security negligence.

In another incident, a five-year-old girl was allegedly raped by the peon of TagorePublic School in Delhi inside a classroom. The accused was arrested after the victim revealed details about his appearance.