Students avenges for not donating attendance, internal marks, strike interrupts classes for third day at Calicut University IET

Youth Congress Kerala Chapter March to University of Calicut under the leadership of Mr. Riyas Mukkoli, urging enquiry on mark donation to SFI unit secretary.

Malappuram/Kerala, January 17: This is the third day that the classes in the Calicut University Institute of Engineering and Technology is getting affected due to protests by a group of students in the label of SFI. This is the only one self financing Engineering college under Calicut University.

The students staging the protests alleged that seven among the teaching staffers are not qualified for the position they are appointed to by the University of Calicut. There were media reports that the students alleges that some teaching staffers are employed with fake certificates and degrees.

While contacted by INDIA LIVE TODAY, Calicut University Institute of Engineering and Technology, Assistant Professor Jissy N.K., who is now facing this this injustice, said that, from 12th January onwards, seven teaching staff including her is not allowed to enter the college building. Some students of the SFI has prevented them at the entrance and have started protests alleging that these seven teaching staffers are not qualified for the concerned posts. Ms. Jissy N.K, Assistant Professor, owns meritorious victory in all her academic ventures. She has secured the position of First Rank for M. Tech (Gold Medalist), from Anna University Chennai. She was the college topper while she completed B. Tech.

While asked about the students’ protests, Ms. Jissy NK said that, they are employed here in this institution since 2013. And it is now in 2017 their qualification become inadequate. The teaching staff of the college alleged that the Principal R. Balakrishnapilla and Assistant Registrar Krishnan Thirikuni has jointly donated internal marks and attendance to the former SFI Unit Secretary Nishaj TK. His actual percentage of attendance was 55. Many times, the student as well as the head of the institution has tried to influence the concerned teaching staff. But it was not fruitful as the teacher strongly stood by her decision, that she will not do anything against the University rules. Later the Principal and the Assistant Registrar has corrected the attendance according to their wish and will, alleged the teaching staffers of the Institution.

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Others have also attained their Post Graduation from the same Anna University in different academic years. A few of them have did their M. Tech, while they were employed in the same institution. They did no do anything in disguise, while they had properly informed the authorities in writing that they are aspiring for higher studies. When M.Tech was made mandatory for teaching in engineering colleges, they had approached the university to attain two years leave to go for higher studies. But they were disappointed when they came to know that there is no such an arrangement for those who need to go for higher studies.

No QIP (Quality Improvement Programme) is offered for the employees in this institution. So, if they want the job they have to go for higher studies and get M.Tech. For meeting their living expenses and to go for higher studies they had to depend on the monthly salary getting from their job. This actually lead to a dilemma and they were forced to get along with both their job as well as studies. Their determination has won and were appointed as Assistant Professors after written test and interview.

For any educational institution, it is important that the head of the institution must make sure that the purpose of the institution is served without fail. But here the Principal of the Institution namely R Balakrishnapilla (Rtd. Instrumentation Engineer, University of Calicut), proves to be a failure, who is unfit to perform the duties and responsibilities stipulated to him. If any student or staff show any misconduct, or involve in any action inappropriate  for an educational institution, the Principal is responsible to take disciplinary action against them. This is the usual procedure in any educational institution. But unfortunately, this person is keeping dead silence, a silence favourable to the protesters. Or other words, there is a possibility that the head of the Institution might be utilising these students to expel those who are ‘undesirable’ to him or his political faction.

The University has ordered for an inquiry in this issue.