Submit swiping machine details, Goa casinos told

Panaji, Jan 24 (IANS) Fearing that casinos may use money to induce voters, the Goa administration on Tuesday asked all casinos operators to submit details of card swiping machines daily until February 5.

The order also said that non compliance of the directive would result in action against the erring casino operators.

The Goa assembly elections is due on February 4.

“In the run up to the election, it is apprehended that casinos may be used as channel for outflow of money to voters for inducement,” the order issued by the Goa government’s Commercial Taxes department said.

Misuse of casinos for money laundering has been a cause of concern for election authorities in Goa, with Chief Election Commissioner Nasim Zaidi saying he was told that casinos could be used for illegal funding during the election.

“All the casino operators are hereby directed to submit details of card swiping machines — serial number of the machine, bank account number, bank name and address,” the order says.

There are five operational offshore casinos and around 10 onshore casinos operating out of the five star resorts in the coastal fringes of Goa.