Subramaniam Swamy spills the racist beans: Mocks Rahul Gandhi’s visit to Gujarat temple

Subramaniam Swamy spills the racist beans: Mocks Rahul Gandhi's visit to Gujarat temple. Photo: Twitter

Gandhinagar/Gujarat, September 28: The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Subramaniam Swamy mocked Rahul Gandhi’s visit  to four temples in Gujarat and asked to reveal whether he is a Hindu or a Christian. According to reliable sources, Rahul Gandhi visited four temples on Wednesday.

Swamy told ANI, “Let Rahul Gandhi declare that I am not a Christian, but a Hindu. Why has he got a church in 10 Janpath and he goes there to pray? So unless he declares that he is a Hindu like his father Rajiv Gandhi, we won’t believe him.” He further said that Rahul has been practicising Christianity for so many years, and therefore, he should clarify and make an announcement on what his religion is.

Rahul was in poll- bound Gujarat for three days and as part of his campaign he had visited four temples. He started his tour on Monday by offering prayers at the Dwarkadhish Temple in Dwaraka. On Wednesday evening, he visited the Khodal Dham Temple in Kagvad village. He also made an unscheduled visit to the Jalaram Temple in Veerpur in Rajkot district. He wrapped up the visit on Wednesday by visiting the Chotila Temple in Surendranagar district. (ANI)