Sulky move by Kerala govt to set up dog shelters in wake of illegal culling of stray dogs in Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram,Oct19:In the wake of stray dog menace , certain enthusiastic public officials ,politiicans, philanthropists and gold diggers who want exploit this opportunity to show their support for the affected public and gain their  embathy ,had come out with ingenious methods to mercillessly kill the  less fortunate four legged animal for being more in population,The action of setting up dog shelters is probably a  late one.

Perhaps the average stray dog on the street does not deserve that consideration and love to be culled as mere objects  that are removed from the environment.without realizing that in the grand scheme of things ,the dog is a loyal companion of the human.

The Kozhikode City corporation had earlier decided to roll out a project to implant microchips and provide unique identification code for each of the pet dogs to differentiate them from the stray.

She said the first phase vaccination of dogs will be completed by October 31. The sterilisation of stray dogs is on in 51 veterinary hospitals in the State. Funds is not a problem for procuring vaccine and already Rs.2.3 crore of the Rs.4.3 crore estimated for 2016-17 for the purpose had been released. Intervening in the issue, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said the government wanted to make the sterilisation scheme more effective. Organisations and individuals coming forward to support the initiative needs to be promoted, he said. Minister for Animal Husbandry K. Raju said anti-rabies vaccine would be manufactured at the Institute of Animal Health and Veterinary Biologicals at Palode.

Sirijagan panel hearing

The first public hearing of the Sirijagan Committee appointed by the Supreme Court to look into the stray dog issue will be held at the Government guest house, Thycaud, here at 9 a.m. on October 22 .The sterilisation of stray dogs is under way in 51 veterinary hospitals across the State.