‘Sumo kids’ underwent surgery to lose weight, are putting on weight, their father thinks to sell a kidney for more treatment

Gujarat, June 24: Three overweight children reminds the sumo kids, have begun piling on the pounds more than ever after a failed weight loss operation. A paediatrician at Mandavia Children’s Hospital in Gujarat, said, “their condition could be due to endocrinal disease or Prader will syndrome.

Video shot earlier this month in Una, Gujarat, shows yogita –six, Anisha –four and Harsh Nandwana-three, at home with their parents. The Nandwana children underwent a weight loss operation in Ahmedabad a year ago which at first helped them shed a couple of kilos each.

But the siblings regained their weight and now weigh more than before the operation.

The children’s father, Rameshbhai, said they were only able to have the operation because the government of Gujarat state buckled under media pressure and agreed to fund it.

Now, Mr. Nandwana, 35, says he wants to sell his kidney in order to fund a better operation which he hopes will save his children.

‘I cannot see them dying infront of my eyes, so I will do whatever deems fit to take them to the right medical treatment. If that requires me to sell my kidney, I would not hesitate doing so.