Sunny Leone, the seductress, in Beimaan Love,is all about deceit and revenge

Mumbai,Oct14:Sunny Leone, the seductress, is back. And this time, with the film Beimaan Love, it is all about love, sex and dhokha.

Sunny has been hard at work, changing her image in Bollywood. This former adult star is an entrepreneur par excellence, a Bollywood actress who can get numbers and is now doing special song and appearances in A-list films.

However, a Sunny Leone vehicle is a Sunny Leone vehicle. And make no mistake, Beimaan Love is a typical Sunny Leone film. So, expect heaving bosoms, lot of skin show and plenty of love… you obviously catch the drift.

The film has Sunny in two different avatars – an ambitious go-getter and a woman out for vengeance. The first half shows Sunny as a bright-eyed and hardworking executive. She meets the man of her dreams (Rajneesh) and love follows.
It is here that betrayal comes in and as they say, hell has no fury like a woman scorned. Sunny is now the betrayed woman and she will not rest till she has her revenge

The script offers nothing new – a woman betrayed and wrecking revenge is something we have seen hundreds of times. But then, script is hardly the focus of this film. In the acting department, both Sunny and Rajneesh are adequate. The film also marks the acting debut of Sunny’s husband, Daniel Weber. Watch it if you are a Sunny Leone fan. In fact, only if you are a Sunny Leone fan.