Sunny Leone wants to be a mother

Sunny Leone wants to be a mother

Hyderabad,July20: Sunny Leone is one of the mist popular stars Indian film industry has and currently she is super busy in her professional life, she is hosting a TV reality show and is also gearing up for her upcoming movie projects. But amidst all this Sunny has expressed her desire of embracing motherhood and we are already very curious about it.

When asked her about her family plans she said, “Physically having a baby at this moment will be difficult as a lot of things are happening in my life. But who knows, some day I will just walk in with a baby in hand. And everyone will be shocked, where did the baby come from?”

Well this, one might think is a strong hint at surrogacy. Many B-Town stars of late, have embraced parenthood via surrogacy, including Karan Johar, Shah Rukh Khan, Tusshar Kapoor to name a few. When quizzed further she gave a rather discreet reply:

“I am not sure about surrogacy. Actually, I don’t know. I believe God gives you different moments in life and you have to grab one. Let’s see,” she added. Now, she very smartly got away by beating around the bush and really confirming if she is really going to be a mother.

It’s been 6 years Sunny tied the knot with Daniel Webber and they are going strong ever since. On the work front the ‘Baby Doll’ hitmaker is hosting Spiltsvilla with Ranvijay Singha and will be shooting soon for her upcoming, first ever bengali item number.

In an exclusive Facebook live chat with, Sunny revealed about her plans on starting a family with husband Daniel Weber and the important elements in a relationship.

When asked about when she would start a family with Daniel, she said, “I think that if I personally was to get pregnant right now, I don’t see it happening anytime soon. God really one day, I definitely want a family and you never know I might just show up one day and say, ‘Here’s my baby.’ He will all be like what, when has this happened.

Talking about her love for kids, and how kids like her company she said, “They lash on to me, it’s like crazy, ridiculousness. Like one kid didn’t even want to go back to her mother. She just stayed with me, it was the weirdest situation. But they are sweet, I love children and if I can you know be lucky enough to have them in my life, then I will thank God every single day of my life.