Its sunny side up sans stove to cook an egg outdoors in Dubai

Its sunny side up sans stove to cook an egg outdoors in Dubai

Dubai,July27:How hot is it in the United Arab Emirates? So hot you can cook an egg outdoors in Dubai – no stove needed. The mercury is rising and how. A video posted to Instagram by Fatafeat, a popular Arabic-language food and lifestyle channel, shows a man crack an egg and cook it in a frying pan that has been sitting outside in the sweltering heat for roughly 10 minutes. The result? A perfectly cooked egg – sunny side up.

“Today we’re going to cook an egg outside in the heat…it’s like 50 degrees,” the chef announces at the beginning of the video. In front of him, a black frying pan laid out on the pavement as well as an egg, some oil and salt and pepper.

“The pan has been sitting here for like 10 minutes,” he explains.

He adds the oil to the pan and then cracks the egg in. The pan instantly starts sizzling. Moments later, a perfectly cooked egg.

“This is how we do it in Dubai,” the chef exclaims. “Sunny side up!”

The video has been watched well over 30,000 times in 24 hours and has invited a range of reactions from amused to incredulous.

“Who needs a stove when you live in the UAE?” jokes one person. “Accurate representation of the heat,” jokes another.

According to the National Centre for Meteorology and Seismology, temperatures across the UAE have been in the high 40s, with a high of 48.1 degrees Celsius recorded in Mukhariz on Tuesday. According to the caption on Fatafeat’s video, the temperature outside was 46 degrees Celsius when the video was recorded.

Earlier this year, a man was filmed frying an egg outdoors in Titlagarh when Odisha was hit by an intense heat wave.